Retractable Ox String And Drills!

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It's retractable so it won't tangle, even if you stuff it in your pocket or gym bag.

Comes with all the drills from Red Dot Mastery...and more for pistol, shotgun, carbine, and long range precision regardless of whether you're using irons, dots, or magnified optics!

You'll get a printable PDF as well as follow along videos teaching you how to use your Ox String.

Used extensively by top athletes in mixed martial arts, golf, shooting, football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, billiards, driving, biking, skiing, and even cornhole!

For students and "office chair athlete," Retractable Ox String drills can help with attention, reading speed, comprehension, and having more energy at the end of a long day.

Used in recovery after head injuries and pre-hab to help with avoiding falls.

The beads used are the result of years of testing with hundreds of athletes to find shapes, colors, and patterns that are the most effective for quick, dramatic change.

The retractable form allows for shooters & other athletes to easily do solo-drills immediately before events or performing. (Multiple members of your family can use it for whatever their favorite sport or hobby is)

The loop allows the Retractable Ox String to be attached or wrapped around door hinges, poles, stair railings, or many other items in your environment.

The clip allows multiple Retractable Ox Strings to be attached for doing drills at extended distances

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Dry Fire Cord

Dry Fire Cord

Dry Fire Cord blocks your chamber for safer dry fire and will give you a resetting trigger on Glocks, M&Ps, Sigs, 1911s, etc without having to rack the slide! It's the ultimate "Trigger Control" training tool for your gun. You'll get 9, .40, and .45 (ONLY AVAILABLE WITHIN THE UNITED STATES)
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Red Dot Drill Cards +1

Red Dot Drill Cards +1

Get your deck of 50+ Red Dot Drill Cards! They're a combination of drills and teaching points from Red Dot Mastery that people tend to forget that are color coded so you can pull them out for dry fire or live fire range practice. They're the perfect companion for the book.
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